About us

Friends of Stillwater Bluffs was formed in 2008 with the intention of protecting Stillwater bluffs (formally known as DL340) from logging by Island Timberlands.

CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS OF FOSBA  (alphabetical by first name)

Abby McLennan (President)
Andy Durie (Member at Large)
Chrisite Dionne (Secretary)
Jason Addy (Vice President)
Janet May (Member at Large)
Montry Drake (Treasurer)

 We meet regularly, if you would like to be part of FOSBA you can contact us at

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  1. I am looking for any information about Luke Wallace's benefit concert? Wondering why there isn't promotion on your website? I publish the Cran Hall newsletter and only have the one poster. Any other information? (Annabelle Tully-Barr)