How to get to the bluffs

How to get here
Take hwy 101 south of town past eagle river, until you get to Loubert Rd.
Turn right on Loubert Road. Drive down the long hill ( you will pass the Olympic Log sort sign).
Take the next right at Loubert Rd( there will be an old bus stop at the corner).
Park next tot the mailboxes.
(There is alternative parking and access to the bluffs via Hollingsworth Rd).

The following numbers correspond to features on the map
1) Parking at Loubert Road  just before the old school. Park beside the mailboxes.
2) Trail runs through residential property, take a left by the big old green truck, and continue past on the trail between the wood shed and the home. Take the first right on the trail shortly after.
3) Pebble Beach
4) Top of Moss Mountain
5) Moss Mountain
6) Catcheracha
7)The Stacks
8)Hollingsworth road Parking

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